This tour is organized as a series of wider angle pictures followed by more detailed, better angled closeups. I have to apologize in advance for one thing. There is a conflict between the layout of the museum and the abilities of a camera. In many cases, I can't get a good a picture as I would like because of angles. In these cases I did the best that I can. Enjoy the tour.

This is what you see as you walk into the Transformers room. These barrister cases were my original Transformer displays from 2000. Some of the individual displays have been largely unchanged through 3 moves.

These pictures show the display on top of the barrister cases, which is dominated by the Wreckers found in the Botcon comic in addition to a number of Botcon toys that were not Wreckers.

Here we see the Decepticons from Masterforce. Except for Gilmer, these are all actually the American toys. Most of them are from my childhood collection.

This is a collection of the G1 cars that came from the Diaclone line. The ones who line the side and back walls are from my childhood collection. The other four are ones I bought before the reissues started coming out.

Doing this picture tour reminds me that this is a shelf I want to work on more. These are all of my Actionmasters (Prime and Grimlock found elsewhere) and I thought it appropriate to include Nucleon Quest PM Prime with them. That's all of the first case, whose bottom shelf is empty.

This is my Transformers:2011/Headmasters collection with the frame heightened to include reissue Twincast. Hardhead and Apeface are from my childhood collection. Raiden is a knockoff, but I'll not spend the money to get a real one. This display will be updated, I think, next spring when I plan to purchase Fortress Maximus.

This is my reformatting scene from the movie. Cyclonus and Galvatron are from my childhood collection, as are the trashed Megatron and insecticons. This shelf still lacks a trashed Thundercracker and Armada.

This is my minicar collection. I've made no progress on it in many years and it still lacks Gears, Bumblebee, and Cliffjumper with rubsigns. Some say that it also lacks Bumper, Jumble, and Hornet with rubsigns, but I'm not sure that they exist. One row includes foreign repaints and an old toy car that looks like Bumblebee.

And the bottom shelf of the second case is dedicated to G2. It's an eclectic display. In addition to my favorite G2 toys, it also displays several G1 toys that were prominent in the Marvel G2 comic. There is also a Cobra Commander in there, but you can't see him.

I believe this is all the Maximals from the first 2 years of Beast Wars.

This is all of the show character Transmetals and Silverbolt. TM Airrazor and Rhinox, of course, did not appear on the show as transmetals, but are included here anyway.

This is every Predacon toy seen on the Beast Wars show.

And these are all the Vehicons from Beast Machines, including the McDonalds toys.

This shelf contains my Dinobot collection. I want to note that that is Diaclone Swoop, colored like the cartoon.

I like to think of this 4-way as a souvenir from my Walmart career, though I actually bought it at a closing KMart. It's chock full of mostly MISB toys like you might find them on a 4-way in the store. To help you get your bearings, the side with all the RID toys is facing the barrister cases across a walkway.

This is the opposite side of the 4-way from the RID toys. There is a near complete Machine Wars collection, all the Spychangers and Cyberjets, the minicar keychains, and a number of Beast-era toys on cards.

This is every toy in the Beast Wars Neo line. I got vs boxes where I could and put them in the center with the Cybertrons on one side and the Destrons on the other.

The next two shelves are boxed Japanese Beast Wars toys. The Japanese versions were generally closer to the show models. Don't miss the original Tripredacus Agent and Metals Ravage who were not released in the US.

The bottom shelf on this side are some big boxed Beast Wars. Depth Charge is European and Primal (Blackjack) is British.

The top two shelves of the next side are RID toys. The top shelf is Autobots and the next is Decepticons. I actually have a complete collection of this line, but not all of them are displayed. I made two attempts to get a picture of the Car Robots collection on the bottom shelf, but I can't get the angle or the lighting.

The top shelf of the 4th side is Beast Wars II. I don't have a complete collection, but I have most of them, so long as you count the American toys B'Boom, Snarl, and the squid. Don't miss Flash Lioconvoy and Diver.

The next shelf is a lot of Playskool Transformers.

This completely non-photogenic mess is a complete collection of World's Smallest Transformers. I've not come up with a nice way to display them.

Most of this picture is the south wall, the same wall as the Dinobot shelf. A narrow walkway separates those three shelves from the Prime collection and the 4-way (BWII side). You can see that these shelves are mostly empty so far.

Until recently, most of my Armada toys were either MISB or display back in their packaging. I finally threw away the packaging (it wasn't attractive anyway) and got them all out like this. I tired of Armada before the line was done, so you might note that beyond the first few waves, I only got G1 homages and the most attractive cherrypicked toys. These are all American toys excepted the boxed ML Shockwave. I have Optimus Prime, of course, but he is elsewhere.

The top shelf of the second case is Classics. As of a few days ago, this was a complete collection, but I have some catchup to do now.

This is the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary collection, minus the first Primal and Megatron, which you might have seen on the Dinobot shelves. I intend to replace that Rattrap with a normal firstrun Rattrap that will better match.

I put the 2006 Botcon Maximal set on the shelf above the BW10 shelf and arranged them the same. A nice effect, I think.

These are practically all of the PVC line categorized by the fiction whence they came.

And turning the corner, here is my combiners shelf. You can see that many of the G1 combiners are not complete. I will complete them before long, probably. The most notable pieces in this picture are Predaking (the pride of my childhood collection, except that the Tantrum is a replacement for the one I broke as a child) and a genuine LioKaizer. Landcross is the recent reissue with a few cosmetic differences from the original.

The center of the room and the heart of my collection is Optimus Prime. When I first started collection Transformers as an adult, my goal was just to get all of the Optimus Primes. Sitting on top of the showcase, you can see Masterpiece Magnus, dying Prime, Hybrid Galaxy Convoy, Masterpiece Prime, 20th Prime, Cybertron Armada Prime, Armada Magnus, Armada Prime, Energon Prime, Titanium (War Within) Prime, Pepsi Prime, Starconvoy, Powerlinx Prime, Hybrid Convoy, small Superlink Convoy, and a wooden Optimus Prime I made with my Grandpa as a child.

Down inside the showcase, you see MM Overload, Choro Convoys, PVC Convoys, TF Jr. Convoy (with Chromedome and Fortress Maximus), the Microman repaint of AM Prime, Reissue Convoy, Black Reissue Convoy, New Years Convoy, the giant Korean G2 Prime, both versions of Diaclone Powered Convoy, PM Prime (the only piece in this display from my childhood collection), AM Prime (with Grimlock riding shotgun), G2 Prime, Thunderclash, Combat Hero Prime, Machine Wars Prime, and Laser Prime.

This is the fourth wall of the room, actually only made of bookshelves.

Don't miss the display on top. Tonka Transformers, the Sludge Dragon knockoff, a plush truck that looks like Gears, and a giant Unicron head. But the focus here is the reissue line, Binaltech, and Alternators. Very few of these are MISB, but the packaging lends itself well to repackaging.

Here is the rest of that lineup. I only bought TRU reissues for the ones not reissued in Japan. You can see BT Meister and Grimlock standing next to Kissplay Rodimus. Those are test shots I got before the toys were released. Grimlock was the first finished testshot to hit eBay.

There aren't enough of reissues and BT/Alts to finish the wall yet, and I suppose there may never be now. MegaPVCs will the space. And you can see that I bought entire cases of the PVC waves (except the first, I think) to ensure that I got the chases.

You may have wondered about the dying Prime on my Prime display. This is the dead Prime. A friend made these two customs for me. This is, of course, Prime's death scene from the movie. There is an Ultra Magnus on the shelf too, but his size overwhelms the scene. As I look at the picture now, I wonder where Springer is. I know he is in the museum, but he doesn't seem to be at his post.

I have all of the eHobby recolors that came out while Takara was making bookbox reissues. For a time, they all fit in that shelf, but they eventually didn't. Notice Tigertrack, who came in a box that didn't display him. I bought an extra eHobby box (they are generic) and put him in it to better display.

This is my Masterforce Autobot collection. The first thing I have to say is that Go-shooter and Minerva aren't real, so don't be jealous on their account. They are customs I made from Korean knockoffs. But GOOD fakes, I think. All the loose toys are actually American toys. Hosehead and the loose Pretenders are from my childhood collection. I HAD Prime, but the one there is an extra I got along the way. GodGinrai is a reissue, but Metalhawk, Pheonix, and Sixknight are genuine original Masterpiece toys.

I bought every Universe toy when they came out and kept them all MISB. I recently divested myself of many of them and opened most of the rest. The most notable, I think, is Universe Obsidian. He's the third two to bear that mold and name and he still isn't black. I also have Universe Skywarp, but you may have seen him back with the Wreckers where he belongs.

This is my Beast Machines Maximals collection. They get a big space because this was the show that brought me back to Transformers. Included are the McDonalds toys and Beanie Babies representing each of the characters. You should also note my custom repaint of Silverbolt. This was years before BWN and I was surprised when I got done how good this oft-hated toy actually looked when painted right.
This is a complete collection of the Robotmasters, except the stupid ones. :)

This Unicron and a number of his henchmen from different fictions.

This is my Galaxy Force/Cybertron collection. I bought the GFs of all the Convoys, plus Vector Prime and Starscream. The loose toys are Cybertron.

These are all American Terrorcons and Decepticons from Energon, plus Superlink Galvatron. I pretty much only bought G1 homages from this line.

And these are my Superlink/Energon Autobots, plus purple Galvatron. I pretty much only bought G1 homages from this line.