BT Grimlock!

I'm doing this review mostly through pictures. This is really the first review I've ever done, so be gentle, but firm. This is a skill I'll need in the future.

This is a 2005 Ford Mustang. A thing of beauty.

As the roof clearly says, this toy is NOT FOR SALE.

Here's the front of the car.

Here's the back of the car.

Here's the engine.

Here's the interior detail. Is it bright enough? My monitor is always dark, but I think you can see it.

The sword stows on the bottom.

Several nice panels on the bottom that make it look good on the bottom and stow very snugly.

Here's a picture of Baron Von Joy for comparison.

Just kidding. That was Grimlock.

Here's the sword up closer. It is clear in the center and orange at the edges. Looks nice.

Here's the robot from the front.

Here's the robot from the back. He's wearing a kilt.

Here are Grimlock and Jazz together.

As I was transforming him back, I noticed that you can do the legs like this too.

Here's a picture of him all the way in robot mode with the different feet. Personally, I don't like Alternator feet for the most part. They always look way too kibbly for me. So I like this better. But I concede that it can't be correct because a screw is showing on the pelvis and on each foot. Ah well.

You KNOW why I'm excited about this toy, but I really think they delivered. Everything I needed in an Alternator. As I putt the legs back in place, I was thinking, "Dang, I've never had this easy a time putting an Alternator back in car mode the first time." Then I tried the arms. Dang. It took quite a while to figure it out. I should have actually taken the pictures as I transformed it to robot like the review appears. I didn't take pictures till I was putting him back, so I couldn't remember how the arms and shoulders ought to look on the bottom of the car. Anyway, I give him a very biased A+.